CP Psychiatry                         Christina Pike, ARNP
Psychiatry focused on the mind body connection

Your life consists of so many aspects, which culminate into your experiences. It is through these experiences that we are able to enjoy a full and rich life. Unfortunately, sometimes one area in life feels “out of sync” and therefore causes stress and unhappiness to saturate our ability to enjoy an optimal life. My focus is to help you find ultimate wellness in the context of what you want or need.

The services I provide are highly personalized and change, as goals are achieved. Most wellness plans include a combination of the following.

Nutrition- For many years now nutrition has been a grievously overlooked part of mental health care.  Even today many practitioners do not understand the connection between the two. I have spent years researching the complex connection between the gut and brain and feel it is a great place to start the healing. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can discuss implementation.

Medication/ Med management- I take a conservative approach to medication placing importance on the needs and opinions of the client. Everybody is different and I respect people’s choices to use or not use medication.

Collaborative Medicine- I find it very valuable to collaborate with other practitioners. Upon your request, I am happy to have conversations with your primary care provider, your therapist or any other provider you work with.

Stress Reduction- I am a proponent of mindfulness based stress reduction or any meditative therapies. I encourage all my clients to explore way to decrease stress and will help to find the right solution for you.

Supplements- There is ample evidence to suggest the role of vitamin deficiency in psychiatric illness. I use testing and take a minimalist approach to supplements.

My services include medical psychiatric evaluations, and medication management when needed. I do use some therapeutic interventions but it is not the mainstay of what I do.
The clients I work with are highly
motivated to make long lasting life changes. They realize that wellness is more than just taking a pill. I will often refer patient to therapist, naturopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists and/or massage therapists who specialize in the persons specific needs.

I do understand that this can be overwhelming in the beginning and we can pace the treatment to what you need. The most important thing for you as a client is to understand that things can be better and I would like to help you get there.